You Are Only As Good As The People You Work With

business developmentAs I’ve mentioned previously, I work freelance developing web projects in addition to acting as CTO at my start-up Octabox. Freelancing as a web developer is pretty profitable business nowadays, however it is too hands-on and technical to my liking.
I Usually ‘settle’ for the technical role as it is good income, but I try to develop my consultant persona as to hopefully provide mostly web business consultancy services as time goes on. It is a much more rewarding process for me, and I feel like I have much more to give at a higher level having acquired extensive experience and feel for the web entrepreneurship process.

When I sense that a client might be open for developing his idea beyond merely technical implementation, I usually try to involve my partner Adam. Adam is the business and marketing guru at Octabox, and as much as I’d like to think I have plenty to contribute on the side of web business development, when it comes to marketing it’s very obvious that I’m no match for Adam. He has a very unique approach to web concepts, and often sees business and marketing ‘angles’ that others miss, making him a perfect complement to my straightforward and best-practices approach.

Today we had a meeting with just that type of client. A person I met at a previous entrepreneurship event, who has a technical background in algorithms but not much in the web environment has approached me to develop a concept he came up for a web start-up. When he initially approached me, he was doing so on the basis of my reputation as a web developer and not looking for any business development or marketing ideas. I got Adam involved however, and at today’s meeting we managed to do a little of everything – technical guidance, business development, marketing strategy – you name it.

They say speakers have “on” and “off” days. Well today Adam had a very “on” day, as he gave his own version of the “make a meaning” speech, daring our client to think outside the box and understand that doing a web startup is different to the traditional avenues he has worked in before. I was barely holding my self from giving him a standing ovation at the end of his rhetorics, as he really made an inspiring and insightful speech delivering a message that was heard loud and clear. He definitely gave our client much to think about, and provided a showcase of what we could contribute as more than just implementors.

Our client now has more questions to answer to himself than he did before he came to to the meeting, but in a good way. We could definitely see a long-term collaboration evolving, as we have with several other web start-ups thanks to our great communicators, and as a bonus member you can Learn to be a Master Communicator in no time.

It was good day for being a web entrepreuner, and also for remembering the good karma I have for being surrounded by extremely talented individuals (my other partner is Adam’s equivalent in graphic design and concept. Our team is definitely very complete skill wise).

In the end, you are only as good as the people you work with.


Eran Galperin

Founder / CEO @ Gymdesk, B2B SaaS for gyms and other fitness and wellness businesses

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