Eran Galperin

My Name Is

Eran Galperin

What I Do

I’m the founder and CEO of Gymdesk, B2B SaaS for gyms and other fitness and wellness businesses



I’ve worked on many different web products over the last decade or so. Here are some of the more notable ones:


Gymdesk provides modern management software to gyms and other fitness and wellness businesses. That includes membership management, attendance tracking, billing and recurring payments, marketing, website features and more.

Gymdesk launched at the beginning of 2016, originally named Martial Arts on Rails. It passed $1M in ARR in 2022 and now employs 10 full time employees.


Binpress is a marketplace and storefront for digital products, from code libraries to software products, games, design assets and more.

I co-founded Binpress in 2011 with Adam Benayoun. I wrote over 99% of the code, ran the product team, wrote almost all of the marketing copy and blog posts and generally had a blast trying to grow the company.

In 2013, we were accepted to the 500startups accelerator program (batch 6), then went on to raise close to $1M.

We’re currently finalizing the sale of Binpress to another services marketplace.


AfterDownload was an ad marketplace for software download pages. They sold ad inventory on the post-download pages of software products, providing an online service where interested parties could buy and sell ad-space (similar to the adsense and adwords services ran by Google). They also provided the widget that would render the ads on the post-download pages.

AfterDownload was a client project for a third party. I built the initial product (wrote the code, designed the database, launched it online, etc.) and then handed it off to the client.

AfterDownload was acquired by ironSource in 2013.

Interlude Media Player

Interlude is a company and web-service for producing interactive videos. I built the initial player prototype which was used in the Israeli TV version of American Idol.

Interlude has since raised over $36M in funding and has produced award winning videos for artists such as Coldplay and Andy Grammer.


Magajin was a social community for manga artists and fans. Aside from sharing drawings and illustrations, it had a unique social translation feature for translating everything from the interface of the site to the text in the posted illustrations.

Magajin was a client project for Akiko Naka, and is no longer online. Naka-san  later founded Wantedly, a social recruiting service.

Status: offline


We built readtwit as a service over Twitter at the height of the Twitter API apps, before Twitter turned off the firehose and added various limitations. Readtwit read your Twitter feed, took out only the links, retrieved the content and built it into an RSS feed you could consume. This allowed users to read the content shared on their feed at their own convenience, instead of catching it in real time.

Readtwit was surprisingly popular immediately after launched, gaining over 10k users in a few days. Sadly, as it continued to grow it got to the point it needed significant server resources to keep operational, and we had to shut it down after deciding we weren’t going to monetize it.

Status: offline