Category: Business Development

  • Finding co-founders – Technical founder POV

    First, a prelude – though I’ve mostly written technical articles on this blog, it’s called techfounder for a reason – it was my original intention to also talk about startups from the view-point of the technical founder. I have been involved in several ventures so far in this role (currently at Binpress), each giving me…

  • Software licenses for dummies

    The legal aspects of selling software are, for the most part, pretty vague for most developers. During preparations for launching our software market, Binpress, I absorbed a lot of information from our very good copyright  attorney and got to understand much better the nuances of software licensing. Here are some of the lessons I learned.

  • You Are Only As Good As The People You Work With

    As I’ve mentioned previously, I work freelance developing web projects in addition to acting as CTO at my start-up Octabox. Freelancing as a web developer is pretty profitable business nowadays, however it is too hands-on and technical to my liking. I Usually ‘settle’ for the technical role as it is good income, but I try…